Our Mission

  • At Falco Reels, our focus is to craft exceptional fly fishing reels that enhance the angler's experience on the water. We are committed to using the highest quality materials and the latest engineering techniques to create reels that are lightweight, durable, and enjoyable to use.

  • We believe in the importance of preserving our natural resources and strive to make environmentally responsible choices in our manufacturing processes down to the shipping methods and materials used in our delivery. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of the sport, allowing anglers to fish with confidence and focus on the beauty of their surroundings.

  • At Falco Reels, we are passionate about fly fishing and the sense of connection it brings to the natural world. Our goal is to share this passion with our customers by creating innovative and reliable products that inspire them to explore new waters and build lasting memories in a product that can be passed down to your grand kids.

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Light Weight and Robust Design

Introducing the ultimate fly fishing reel for the avid angler - our 4" classic reel is crafted with the finest quality materials, this reel is built to withstand the toughest conditions and provide you with a reliable and flawless performance every time you cast.


The matte black finish not only adds a sleek and stylish look to your fishing gear but is also highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. The robust finish ensures that the reel can withstand heavy usage and harsh weather conditions without compromising on its performance or appearance. 

Dual Clicker Drag System

The Falco reels feature a traditional click and pawl drag system with two clickers that gives it the distinctive Falco sound. A smooth drag system that ensures a consistent and accurate drag, making it easy for you to fight and land the biggest fish.

Large Arbour Spool

The Falco Classic is designed with a large arbor spool that helps in reducing line memory and increasing line retrieval speed. With plenty of room for your line of choice.

Salt Water and Fresh Water Models

Our fly fishing reel is suitable for all types of freshwater and salt water fishing, whether you're targeting trout, bass, or any other species. It's the perfect combination of style, durability, and performance, making it an essential addition to your fly fishing gear collection. Upgrade your fly fishing experience with this high-quality reel, and enjoy a hassle-free and successful fishing trip every time.